Topsales Amsterdam: helping your business succeed in sales

Topsales Amsterdam is a sales consultancy and training company that helps clients improve their sales. By providing strategic advice, training and coaching, owner Lotte Lobé helps B2B businesses and their sales teams succeed in sales.


Clients come to Topsales Amsterdam with sales-related challenges or goals. For example: ‘How can we attract new clients? Can you help us set up sales processes and strategies? Can you help us train and coach our sales team?’ Topsales Amsterdam can assist with all aspects surrounding B2B sales- related processes. Topsales Amsterdam’s training and processes dive a lot deeper into selling than ‘features and benefits’ in a sales script. Lotte explains: ‘In order to be successful in sales your interest should be in helping your client succeed. This goes much further than providing them your products and services.’


With a proactive approach to life from a young age, Lotte Lobé began her sales journey at 17, selling lottery tickets through cold calling. She progressed through university and the corporate world in London, where she sold fixed-income- related data and services to financial institutions such as ABN AMRO and Deutsche bank. Eventually, Lotte took the plunge and started Topsales Amsterdam. Lotte is also a sales keynote speaker and shares daily sales tips on social media. In June 2020, Lotte was named a ‘top 10 female sales coach’ by Yahoo Finance. 


1. Hunting and farming Don’t forget your existing client base while on the hunt for new business. They’re the reason you’re in business at all. 

2. A Topsales mindset Is it worth it to invest in your people’s mindset? We think so! Sales professionals with a strong mindset generate 37% more sales and ensure long-term performance. 

3. Smile and dial Sending messages online to target new clients is easy, but those messages are also way too easy to ignore. A phone call is still one of the most effective ways to create a first connection and transfer your enthusiasm! 

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