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VAN LANSCHOT KEMPEN: “We encourage entrepreneurship and proactivity”

Véronique Meertens is an equity analyst at Van Lanschot Kempen, where she and her team analyse listed companies around the globe every day. As a renowned name in the industry, the firm shares its views with institutional investors on when to buy, hold or sell their shareholdings. We sat down with Véronique to talk about a typical day for her on the job.

“My morning ritual is actually the same every day”, Véronique says with a laugh. “I start work at seven-thirty, because the stock market opens at nine and research analysts like me need to have sifted through all the news about our sector before then.” Which means there’s sometimes barely time to blink during that first hour and a half, she says. Clearly, though, Véronique loves it. “It’s full focus and we’re all working hard. Fueled by quite a bit of coffee”, she jokes. But effort is rewarded at Van Lanschot Kempen: “After that, we head out for a bite to eat with the whole team to blow off the morning’s steam.” What the rest of her working day looks like varies. Some days she liaises with clients and management teams, others she writes up reports, or she might take off to a meeting or property viewing abroad. Véronique enjoys it all. “My job is the ideal combination between an analytical and commercial role.”

Good understanding

Nobody at Van Lanschot Kempen minds the hard work. On the contrary, “entrepreneurship and proactivity are encouraged and we really are more than colleagues.” That understanding not only boosts the pleasure she and her colleagues take in their work, Véronique explains. Their good teamwork also contributes to better products. “We’ve all got a passion for the business and that’s reflected in our results.”


Next to her day-to-day work, Véronique is also involved in recruiting graduates and juniors in the Securities department, which she describes as very rewarding. “As financial markets and institutions are evolving, this is the time to be a leader in creating a more diverse and inclusive work environment.” Fortunately, Van Lanschot Kempen shares Véronique’s view, and the firm is pursuing a variety of initiatives to enlarge workplace diversity. “It’s brilliant to see that our efforts are successful and that more and more people realize what an amazing employer Van Lanschot Kempen is.”

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