‘The Zuidas is for everyone and that’s fun!’

In the heart of the bustling Zuidas, the family of Yves Gassler – partner at law firm AKD - and Martine Grüdemann – director of development Zadelhoff, live in one of the six Townhouses on Gershwinlaan. Together with their 4 children, Féline (age 19), Fiene (16), Nikki (18) and Boris (14) they make up a happy patchwork family.

Since moving to Zuidas in 2017, Yves and Martine have revelled in the feeling of living in one of the capital’s most forward-thinking neighbourhoods. Despite overlooking a construction site during their first few years here, that didn’t keep the family from loving their new home. 

How do your kids like living in Zuidas?
Martine: “Our kids see living in Zuidas as an adventure. They are still very close with their friends, many of whom have also moved to this bustling area.” Another perk for their kids, say Yves and Martine, is that sport facilities and secondary schools are all within easy reach.
Yves: “For them, Zuidas is not only a place to live, but a place where things are happening and where their friendships continue to grow and flourish.”


What is your favourite spot at home?
Yves: “The living room is the real beating heart of our home in Zuidas, and the dining table is the central spot where wonderful memories are made. And, come summer, when we open the sliding doors, the living room transforms into an indoor-outdoor paradise. We have a lovely time barbecuing with the whole family, surrounded by the warmth of home and the fresh air outside.”

What’s your favourite spot in Zuidas?
Martine: “Our favourite spot has to be the restaurant Limon, where we regularly go for a nice meal. But our own place is also among our favourite spots to be. It’s where we all hang out together; it’s the nucleus of our family life. Also right up there was the unexpected adventure of skating on natural ice right on our doorstep in Zuidas. That is a memory we really cherish.”


For Yves, Zuidas is also more than just a place to work. “Navigating this innovative neighbourhood on my bike is a breeze, and everything is easy to reach. It’s a luxury to be so flexible and not at the whim of traffic. I can be at the office in less than three minutes, and if I ever need to stay home for any reason, it only takes a moment to arrange.” 

Are there any drawbacks to living in Zuidas?
For all the perks of living in Zuidas, there is one aspect that Yves and Martine call a challenge. Martine: “The lack of green in our street, but we are doing some things to fix that ourselves!” Yves and Martine also know that the City is working to make Zuidas a greener place.

What do you hope the future holds for Zuidas?
Martine: “We certainly see possibilities for Zuidas to become even more vibrant in future. More green spaces definitely top the list. The Symphony square is regularly used as an event location, but how great would it be if things like petanque tournaments could be organised there? Also the Boelegracht as recreational water area would be nice. An attractive spot with clean water that invites you to take a refreshing dip and relax. That would be a lovely oasis in Zuidas.”


How do you envisage your future in Zuidas after the kids leave home?
Yves: “I think it is a really amazing place to go on living. Once we really get older and are less mobile, we may be able to install a lift where we live now.” Yves and Martine would prefer to stay in Zuidas, and say a nice apartment could be an option, too. Yves: “We also have a boat off the Schinkel, so you can hop on your bike here and be there in four minutes. That’s brilliant to have and offers a nice counterpoint to the lack of greenery here. We absolutely cannot imagine ever wanting to leave Zuidas.”