“The atmposphere and mindset of the people in Zuidas motivate me to go the extra mile”

At 26, Julia Verbij is a social media manager and content creator with over 170,000 followers on Instagram, who went from life on a farm to living in Zuidas. After attaining a degree in language and communication, she embraced the digital world. Since moving to Zuidas with her boyfriend in 2023, Julia has been finding plenty of professional inspiration here and loving the vibrant urban lifestyle.

What brought you to Zuidas?
“After moving house in Amsterdam four times in five years, my boyfriend and I decided to settle in Zuidas. He wanted to live here and my work is flexible. So when we found this apartment on Gustav Mahlerlaan in 2023, everything fell into place. The lively vibe and the inspiring people make life here really special. It’s more than just a place to work. Zuidas has a friendly charm that motivates me to go the extra mile.”


A lot of what you post on Instagram is about getting organised. How did you get into that? “I actually started out posting fashion content, but after a while I realised I was buying new clothes every week. Apart from it being expensive, it meant my closet was overflowing. That was a shame, because you don’t need new clothes every week. As I have always been crazy about organising and tidying, I decided to share this passion on Instagram. I also love light, beige hues, so that’s something you see reflected in my interior and content.” 

Have you had any memorable experiences as a content creator in Zuidas?
“Not yet, but I will definitely remember this interview, as I always read this section of ‘Hello Zuidas’ first. It’s fun to share my experience living on Gustav Mahlerlaan, that makes it extra special.”

What is your favourite spot at home?
“My favourite spot at home has to be my workspace with wall panels. That is where I spend my working days. I have redone this corner loads of times, but now it’s finally just the way I want it. As well as making my place more atmospheric, it’s also where I am most productive.”

What is your favourite spot in Zuidas?
“My favourite is The Breakfast Club. I love going there for brunch and adore their amazing granola and pancakes. For dinner, my top spot is Ferrilli’s in Valley, where the service is excellent and the atmosphere is always great. Another favourite is the botanic garden. The fact that everything is in easy reach by metro, from Amsterdamse Bos to Schiphol and the city centre, makes this into a fantastic neighbourhood.”


What do you hope the future holds for Zuidas?
“I hope that Zuidas becomes greener. And it would be nice to have a bakery in the neighbourhood, so we could have fresh bread within walking distance.”

Do you want to stay in Zuidas for good?
“I would still love to live abroad for a while – some place nice and warm. The flexibility of my work means I can work anywhere, so who knows what the future holds.”

Are there any downsides to living in Zuidas?
''The parking situation can be a challenge which means friends and family don’t visit as much as they might, which is unfortunate. I also miss having a nice grassy field to walk my dog when he is staying at our place.''