“Living and working in Zuidas is my ideal combination”

Zuidas is a distinctive part of the city and in high demand among house hunters. Between now and 2040, some 8,000 to 9,000 new homes will be built here. Once known mostly as an office location, more recently Zuidas has been shedding that image in a complete metamorphosis. When Zuidas is finished in around 2040, a projected 15,000 people will call it home. In this section, we ask residents to tell us where they live and how they like life in Zuidas. This time, we talked to businesswoman Bianca Smits, owner of Blush Beauty & Skin Clinic. Based in Zuidas for 16 years, her professional clinic offers a range of services and is specialized in improving and optimizing skin condition. Recently, Bianca moved into a new apartment in the mixed-used Valley building. She tells us all about her brand-new apartment, her work and living in the area.

Bianca, could you tell us a bit about yourself?
“I started as a beautician 16 years ago, opening my own salon in the same building as Clubsportive. Six years later I had an opportunity to relocate to premises of my own on Gustav Mahlerlaan. My salon Blush Beauty & Skin Clinic has been based there for ten years now. As well as skin-conditioning treatments, we also offer things like pedicures and manicures. Zuidas has developed hugely in the long time I’ve been here. Just look at all the places there are to live. I personally leapt at that chance as well. Living here, you feel the strong dynamic of Zuidas. You see loads of ambitious people and growing companies. Coming back to my apartment after a long day at work totally feels like coming home, and you barely notice you’re in busy Zuidas at all.”

What brought you to Zuidas 16 years ago?
“After my professional training, I crafted my own vision on beauty and decided to develop that further by starting my own business. It was through an ad that I wound up at Clubsportive in Zuidas, and from there I progressed further up the road. It made sense for me to stay in Zuidas, mainly because I already had a wide clientele here.”

What is it like to both live and work in Zuidas?
“To me, it feels like the most normal thing in the world to live and work in Zuidas. It’s an area of massive growth and development and a place that’s also getting nicer to live in. Granted, you feel a certain amount of pressure to grow and achieve at the same pace. I really like the combination of working and living in the same neighbourhood and wouldn’t want that to be anywhere else than Zuidas, it’s my ideal combination.”

Is there anything still missing in the area?
“If you ask me, Zuidas could be greener. That would bring more life to the area. And I’d also love to see more small merchants to give the district more of an own identity. The office vibe needs to make way more for a pleasant living environment.”

Name Bianca Smits
Building Valley
Hobbies I am very creative. I love painting, sewing, reading and writing. These activities really relax me and I can spend hours doing them.
Favourite spot in Zuidas: The market is fun to visit and I go every Thursday to pick up fresh flowers. Limon Zuidas is also a nice spot for lunch or drinks.
Favourite spot or object at home: My favourite spot at home is my balcony. I spend mornings before work and evenings after work there. Looking out from there feels like looking into the world. It’s where I like to have a coffee and write in my journal. In my kitchen, I have my china collection on the top shelf. Where I lived before I never used it, because it felt too special. But now in my new place I use it every day, and it really brings me joy.