VU Amsterdam The O|2 Lab Building

The O|2 Lab Building, located on the buzzing campus of VU Amsterdam at de Boelelaan 1108, is living up to its reputation as a world-class medical science laboratory. Home to over 850 researchers and Master’s students from both VU Amsterdam and the Amsterdam UMC, the impressive facility is one of the first to bring scientists together, to collaborate on important human health and life sciences issues.

Inside the state-of-the-art building are a variety of specialised laboratories, including biochemical labs, synthesis labs, a radionuclides lab and an ML-3 lab. The building has been designed with a focus on sustainability and functionality. A striking architectural feature is the cut-out section that allows daylight into the building’s core, thus reducing the need for artificial lighting. The steel ‘mikado’ columns enhance the open and transparent feel of the interior. 

Built for flexibility and efficiency, the laboratory facilities are cooled by water from the nearby Nieuwe Meer and powered by the VU/Amsterdam UMC energy centre. The green sedum roof helps to insulate the building while also absorbing water. In addition to its impressive sustainability credentials, the O|2 Lab Building also houses space for gatherings and interaction. On the ground floor is the Science Café, where staff and visitors can break for breakfast, lunch and coffee, as well as space for informal meetings and presentations. 

In short, the O|2 Lab Building is not only a centre for ground-breaking research, but also an embodiment of innovation, sustainability and collaboration in Zuidas. 

Facts and figures
Development: 2015
Completed: officially opened on 29 September 2016
Gross floor area: approx. 30.000m2
Architect: EGM Architecten b.v.
Certifications: BREAAM (Excellent) sustainability certification awarded 28 November 2018