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For quite a few years now, Zuidas has been pursuing a range of sustainability initiatives. By 2030, Amsterdam aims to rank among the top 10 most sustainable urban city centres in Europe. All projects under development in Zuidas are being held to the very highest sustainability standards. We were curious to what extent residents, workers and visitors in Zuidas have noticed all the work going into a sustainable future. We also asked them about their favourite sustainable spot in Zuidas!


KIKI DROGE – AGE 32 AND DRIES - ALMOST 2, Project assistant and copywriter at &C Media

‘My favourite part of Zuidas is Beatrixpark. It’s close to where I live and I like taking my son Dries to the paddling pool and playground there. It’s a perfect spot for both kids and parents, because kids can run around freely while we can relax and have a picnic in the grass; so that’s a win-win equation and a nice way to chill out on hot days. Zuidas is noticeably changing. When I started working in Zuidas five years ago, there were loads of cars, bikes and building sites. Now, there are lots more green spaces, parks, tucked-away spots, while cars and bikes are being parked underground. It’s been great to watch that development!’ 

HERBERT BERGMAN – AGE 34, Facilities coordinator at Stibbe

‘My favourite places are Beatrixpark and the green rooftops! From my office I’ve got a view of Beatrixpark and I love going outdoors for a walk to unwind during a busy working day. I’m all for green spaces. Not only are they attractive and restful, they’re also good for the environment and they offer a functional solution. And asides from being good for biodiversity and air quality, green roofs are also necessary for rainwater discharge in densely built-up places like Zuidas. To see that being expanded on this scale, and in coordination with the City of Amsterdam, is definitely a good thing.’ 

PHILIP KUIPERS – AGE 29, Owner of Hedgehog Company

I don’t find myself in the Zuidas area regularly, however I did had an appointment here today. I own a sustainable project agency and had a meeting with a potential client about how to reduce their carbon footprint. I believe everyone should contribute to a sustainable future. A friend recently told me about this green strip slowing water run-off, and although it’s adaptation to climate change, I think it’s fantastic what is created here in a part of the city packed with skyscrapers and concrete. Many more places in the city should have more greenery! 

KARIN STARREVELD – AGE 33 , Communications Manager at ABN AMRO

‘My favourite green spot is Circl, the circular pavilion in Zuidas. As everyone probably knows, its construction is completely sustainable and circular. I love being there as it’s a nice and inspiring place to hold meetings and have lunch. Although not for the moment, of course. Like many people, I’m working from home full time. I now like going to Beatrixpark, around the corner from Zuidas. If you ask me, this is one of the prettiest parks in Amsterdam to go for a walk. I hope that in the course of 2021 we’ll be able to work in the office some more. Meeting colleagues, go for drinks after work... I miss the energy in Zuidas.’