At the end of 2020, the Amsterdam District Court will be moving into a new building, which is currently erected on the site of the old courthouse on Parnassusweg. Construction got underway some time ago and the contours of the building are taking shape. In the meantime, the court is conducting business in temporary premises on Frederik Roeskestraat. The new courthouse is injecting a massive impetus for the further development of Zuidas as a whole. Hello Zuidas interviewed Christa Wiertz-Wezenbeek, now six months into her tenure as president of the Amsterdam District Court, about this mega-project.


De opdrachtgevers van Zuidasdok, het Rijk, de gemeente Amsterdam, Vervoerregio Amsterdam en provincie Noord-Holland, hebben in een brief aangegeven meer informatie te willen hebben alvorens ze een besluit kunnen nemen over het vervolg van het project. Dat meldt Zuidas.nlvandaag.


A group of businesses in the New Amsterdam building have been working to optimize a smarter, more sustainable and more efficient approach to waste processing and disposal. The key is joining forces, thus consolidating suppliers and allowing for sustainable procurement. Calvin Choi, the owner of the Market33 food court, reached out to Hello Zuidas to ask if we could set up a case study on this initiative. That led to discussions with the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, which deployed research student Stijn Kuhne to tackle the project. We talked to Calvin and Stijn about their findings.

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Interview with Jannie van der Velden, Annemarie Reinders and Gilberto Arduini, service managers at the 900 Mahler, Intermezzo and Xavier residential towers.

Recent years have seen more and more striking apartment buildings go up all around Zuidas. With a varied range of residents and multitudes of floors to be managed, demand for service managers has been high. Hello Zuidas talked to three of them about their daily work and what it’s like to be ‘the eyes and ears’ of these buildings.

VU Research Building: crucial step in Zuidas Innovation District & societal impact of human health & life sciences

Zuidas is renowned for its pioneering work in architecture. As it matures into an international quarter of Amsterdam, buildings are shooting up right and left in Zuidas. When you walk through this modern city district, it may be difficult to imagine that only about 20 years ago this stretch of land connecting the residential neighbourhoods of Zuid and Buitenveldert consisted mostly of tennis courts and football pitches. In this series we zoom in on the architecture of Zuidas. This time, we take a closer look at the VU Research Building. A building in the middle of the VU Campus area.

Anna Nooshin opens interactive Instagram museum in Zuidas: The Upside Down Amsterdam

On 3 July Anna Nooshin is opening the doors of The Upside Down – her own all-new, one-of-a-kind Instagram experience in Zuidas. After a year and a half of brainstorming, planning and searching for the perfect location, now the dream is literally coming true. Together, she and entrepreneur Hans Plesman have created a space that immerses visitors in a totally new ‘experium’.

Legal News

Like organizations everywhere, law firms in Zuidas have faced some hurdles in recent months. How do they look back on this period? What sorts of measures did they have to take and what’s their view on the future? We put these questions to Edward de Bock, managing partner at Houthoff.

‘New’ and improved Rosarium: For professional gatherings and weekend relaxation

As every other dining establishment across the country, Rosarium team was glued to their TV screens when the Dutch government announced on 15 March that all restaurants had to close their doors. For Rosarium sales manager Sabine Glimmerveen, that moment felt unreal: ‘Where I shot into panic mode and started worrying about the future, Maarten van Eembergen, the owner of Rosarium, turned very calm. He called it a reset period that we’d come through together stronger and better. That was really defining. After that the whole team rolled up its sleeves and did all they could to hold on to that positivity and make the best of things.’

Sustainable housing in Zuidas for everybody

That Zuidas has come a long way from its beginnings as strictly a business district is no news to Wim Looijen, deputy director at AM, and Edward Zevenbergen, project director at Bouwfonds Property Development. As partners in Zuidschans, their firms have already developed several housing projects in Zuidas together. Hello Zuidas caught up with the two to talk about their latest projects: The Gustav and The George.

Sixt Share: A sustainable answer to the mobility challenge

Mobility is a major concern not just in Zuidas, but also nationally, with the coronavirus outbreak sparking debate about how we can handle commuter traffic in future. This is also a hot topic for international mobility service provider SIXT. With the launch of an innovative car-sharing service called SIXT share, they’re already taking a big step towards a sustainable future. ‘For us, this is not only a sustainable concept but also a good alternative for owning a car in the city’, says Karen van den Boom, CEO of SIXT Benelux. The booking platform for serviced apartments in The Netherlands

If you’re looking for a serviced apartment in the Netherlands, then ServicedApartments. nl is the ideal solution. With over 7,000 homes across the Netherlands to choose from, there’s an apartment for everyone and to satisfy every family situation. The simple booking system is supported by a professional team focused on helping you find the perfect apartment. With just a couple clicks you’ve booked and rented a home! was established to respond to the increasing demand for temporary accommodation. Now, is celebrating its fifth anniversary! We joined the organization to reflect on those years.

Introducing: the Zuidas accessibility task force

The Zuidas Accessibility Task Force was established in 2016 with the purpose of fostering a dialogue between government and the business community in Zuidas about area access. As well as advising government on measures, the Task Force monitors accessibility and evaluates zoning plans. All the measures associated with the Covid-19 situation will radically change mobility in and around Zuidas. Anne Bijlmer (Zuidas Accessibility and Main Infrastructure Manager for the Municipality of Amsterdam), René Teeuwen (Chair of the Zuidas Accessibility Task Force), Stefan Titus (Secretary of the VU Amsterdam Campus Development Programme) and Jos Hollestelle (Account Manager at Van A tot Zuidas) discuss what this means.

Living in Ravel: the Zuidas of the future

Family-friendly, traffic-restricted, eco-smart. These are some of the key concepts underlying the new Ravel residential neighbourhood. Zuidas Project Manager Monique Soe-Agnie has been working on this area around the Amsterdamsche Football Club pitches for the past ten years. Now, she and her team have put the finishing touches on the Ravel Development Plan – a diverse residential district and the first traffic-restricted neighbourhood in Zuidas. This is a major project that will take until 2035 to complete. In the meantime, Soe-Agnie and her team of urban and spatial planners, designers, lawyers and communication professionals have been working out all the practical details.

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Werk aan extra stationspassage in driedaags Pinksterweekend

Van zaterdag 30 mei t/m maandag 1 juni 2020 worden er werkzaamheden verricht ten behoeve van de extra reizigerstunnel voor station Amsterdam Zuid. Gedurende 3 dagen wordt er een deel van het spoor afgegraven om te werken aan de fundering voor het tweede dakdeel van de nieuwe Brittenpassage.