George Gershwinlaan 520, Amsterdam

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Feel welcome to our circle of well-being, where we invite you to recharge, rebalance and revive.  Right in Amsterdam’s high-end business district, Renessence offers treatments to reconnect with your true essence from within. An open space that feels endless, with high ceilings and a wide set-up where you can take care of your mental and physical well-being. Withdraw for a moment and focus on self-care with one of our pioneering tech treatments. Or connect at our grand sofa and reflect on your day.   

Unwind with a massage, a floating session or oxygen hydroxy treatment. Rebalance with the heat of a private infrared sauna and the cold of an ice bath. Flourish and fully revive with a cryotherapy session, by attending a studio yoga class or just enjoy our circle of well-being.

Our open space finds balance with natural materials, combined with stainless steel which refers to our highly valuated tech.