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Who settles at a prime location as the Zuidas wants to be accessible. Accessible means easily and well accessible, also by car; for employees as well as customers. With Schiphol around the corner the Zuidas has a major benefit and a well organized public transport (train, metro and bus) is another plus. Of course, the stops and stations need to be as clean and safe as the rest of the Zuidas and Hello Zuidas will contribute to this.

In the next decades there are a lot of building plans for the Zuidas. The area manager will ensure that these activities interfere with the other users as little as possible. Hello Zuidas will do this by informing stakeholders in time about work in progress, and by placing extra road signs to parking spots and companies.

With respect to accessibility Hello Zuidas executes the following activities:

Quickscan Mobility
Hello Zuidas develops, in association with participating companies, concrete
proposals for measures leading to better accessibility and responsible mobility.

Hello Zuidas initiates and organizes themed discussions for companies with more
than 200 employees. We also encourage the sharing of best practices between
members of Hello Zuidas.

Mobility Services
Hello Zuidas ensures an optimal cooperation between, for instance, E-bike, Escooter,
NS-bikes, and charging stations for electric vehicles.


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Openbaar VervoerPublic Transport
The Zuid / WTC station supplies several kinds of (public) transport. The Zuidas is one of the most accessible locations in the Netherlands. In the coming years the station will expand due to the expected growth of passengers.

Need to know how to acces Zuidas by public transportation? Visit the 9292 public transport website. The website also offers travel information for trips combining car and public transportation.


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The Zuidas is fully prepared for cyclists, 30% of transport movements take place by bicycle. In addition, cycling is a healthy and sustainable alternative for traveling by car.

See how much you can save off of travel expenses by cycling through the cycling calculator. More tips on cycling to work are on the website Cycle Traffic Free. Need to know how to get to work by bicycle? Use the travel planner.

Did you know that the chances of a wet suit due to rain is only 6% (no more than 1 to 2 times a month)? See the 'It hardly ever rains website'.


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Smart Work Center
Meet people not at the office but in a central location or on the way home from the office through a Smart Work Center! It's easy. You bring your own laptop and spend a (part of the) day to work in an office that is accessible to all. Ideal if you want avoid traffic jams or meet with customers "in the middle" or if you're passing through after an appointment. Naturally there is a Smart Work Center in Zuidas. Spaces has an establishment in Zuidas.

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Car Sharing

Corporate car-sharing makes it possible to leave the car at home and take the train or bicycle to work. Staff can then use a shared car to go to business meetings. Opting-in to the car sharing scheme means contributing to the accessibility of Zuidas. Research shows that one shared car can replace 15 individual cars. By using this car sharing scheme businesses in Zuidas would be making a statement on sustainability. Zuidas aims to become the world's most sustainable business district. The CO2 reduction achieved by car-sharing will help make that become a reality. Furthermore, car sharing will save on parking spaces and lease cars and provides Zuidas workers with a good alternative. And, more freedom to choose their own means of transport.

How to take part in the scheme? Go to: www.sharedfleet.nl





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