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2 juni, 12.00 uur via Zoom | Online master class - how to assess your team culture
3 juni, 10.00 uur via Zoom | Online master class - inspiring remote leadership online
5 juni, 11.00 uur via Zoom | Online master class - dos and don'ts for more engaging meetings online
9 juni, 19.00 uur via Zoom | Online master class - the rhythm of life

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About In2Motivation
The idea behind In2motivation came from a very strong vision from its founder, Peter Koijen: "a world of growth, choice and contribution." Peter Koijen’s intention has since grown into an internationally recognized company focussing on personal and professional development. Since 2008 in2motivation has been helping companies and individuals with change and motivation, allowing for better results. Our mission is inspiring through experience. We do this through our three most important values: freedom, simplicity and experience. Combining the most modern methods with a strong international team, in2motivation creates programs and events that make a difference. In the last 12 years, it has become one of the most successful international personal and professional development companies in Europe.

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