An evening of superpowers with a comedian, a mentalist, two speakers in the Tuschinski theatre. We are raising money for charity Warchild through the ticket sale at the same time. Lees verder

A comedian, a mentalist, two speakers, a DJ and a crazy host. This evening in the Tuschinski Theatre will provide you with an experience about how to discover your superpowers. 

This event is organised by in2motivation, a business friend of War Child. In times of change we all need our superpowers. The question is: how do we tap into these? Everyone knows that the happiest and most successful people have a few things in common. They know how to attract positivity by setting an intention, by being positive in different circumstances and by focusing on what they want. When you focus on what you want your dreams can become reality. 

On this motivating evening, you will tap into your superpowers. You will discover how people with different life stories have tapped into their superpowers and you will experience yourself where your superpowers are.

It will be a motivational night full of learning, fun and action. And for each ticket sold, we will donate 10 euros to the War Child charity. 

Nijenburg 2A, 1081GG Amsterdam