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Public Space

A clean public space is a prerequisite for a prime location as Zuidas. If there is no litter in the parks, if the the gardens are nicely situated, if the bikes are lined up in the parking stand and if the waste is regularly collected, the area looks better and it is a nicer place to work and live. The director of Hello Zuidas makes arrangements with a wide range of involved organizations, like the National Railway and the municipality. This form of cooperation decreases the distance between public and private space. As well as the distance between the Zuidas and its surrounding area.

It is a task of the management to make the involved parties aware of the necessity of this positive interaction. Entrepreneurs are accountable for cleaning their own private outdoor (patios, courtyards), but Hello Zuidas is the central contact point for defects and improvement.

The Zuidas is a vibrant community for persons who work, live and study here. The safety of these people must be assured. If stakeholders of the Zuidas works together a number of collective measures will improve the area. If this would be realized the Zuidas can obtain the Safe Enterprise Certificate (SEC). With a SEC, it is easy to cooperate with companies, the police and the municipality.

The following activities are planned under the pillar of clean, complete and safe:

Contact point
Facility Managers of companies, but also employees and residents with complaints
and ideas can visit the site www.hellozuidas.com or go to the central point of the
foundation. Hello Zuidas makes a report and quickly addresses these issues.

The group of facility managers of companies, administrators, stadsdeel Zuid, the
National Railway and other agencies are being consulted about the maintenance,
safety and accessibility of the Zuidas. With local authorities there is a Service Level
Agreement, which sets the standards for the level of maintenance of the Zuidas.

Safe Enterprise Certificate
The Safe Enterprise Certificate (SEC) can be used to investigate the possibilities and
needs for collective security. In the SEC the cooperation of various organizations
(administrators, businesses, police and fire) is stated central.

Collective purchasing
Hello Zuidas offers participants purchasing advantages. The foundation examines
which services such as waste management, energy and security are interesting for
the participants. Hello Zuidas investigates the existing contracts, examines the
possibility for collective purchase benefits, and makes agreements with suppliers.




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Servicepoint Hello Zuidas

If you have any complaints about Zuidas. Report them! Read more arrow_right_black