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EDGE Olympic: A homebase for digital innovation

Zuidas is developing fast, including in Fred. Roeskestraat, where the very first EDGE office building will soon open its doors. EDGE Olympic uses smart technologies
to create a pleasant environment for all users. Occupying half the building will be Epicenter, a Swedish digital innovation community. Hello Zuidas got the scoop from EDGE Technologies' Jan Hein Tiedema and Epicenter's Patrick Mesterton.



EDGE Technologies, a subsidiary of OVG
Real Estate, is a new company dedicated to developing high-end buildings that harness real estate technology to actively contribute to the wellbeing of people and a better world. Jan Hein explains, 'EDGE Olympic
is the first building to be introduced as an EDGE building, launching EDGE Technologies as a global office brand, with a principal focus on sustainability and the health and
wellbeing of occupants. Basically, we design smart buildings by incorporating systems that work with a connected data platform.'


Approximately half of EDGE Olympic will
be operated by Epicenter. 'This building is ideally suited for our concept', says Patrick. 'At Epicenter, large companies and fast-growing digital scale-ups can meet to learn, collaborate and grow their business. This will be our first location outside Sweden, and we're excited to
become a part of the Zuidas community. We assist companies that are looking to recruit talent or need support to innovate their business. Epicenter is a digital innovation house where we run corporate innovation labs, scale-up labs and offer various spaces

for events, conferencing and flexible work. In addition, we organise a wide range of industry events, master classes, thought leader sessions and networking activities designed to create innovation with impact. We are delighted to show you Epicenter Amsterdam and inform you about the memberships and possibilities we offer to companies and individuals.'


Meanwhile, Jan Hein tells us, EDGE Technologies has already entered the international marketplace. 'We have teams in New York, Berlin and Hamburg, and we're also looking at London and Paris. Our first projects in Germany are currently under construction, and we want to expand in Amsterdam too.' Patrick is quick to embrace this idea. 'Amsterdam is an exciting city at the crossroads of Europe. Companies in smaller countries tend to take a more global perspective, and that's definitely something I'm seeing in Amsterdam.'



Fred. Roeskestraat 115
1067EE Amsterdam www.epicenteramsterdam.com