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Sustainability News


If the Netherlands aim to achieve the targets of the Paris climate agreement, our real estate needs to start implementing more sustainable measures. How we can tackle this challenge together will be the topic of the upcoming Dutch Green Building Week, an event organized annually by the Dutch Green Building Council. Circl in Zuidas will be hosting this year's DGBW conference, which will feature such champions of sustainability as Ed Nijpels and Jan Terlouw, as well as chairwoman of the Dutch Architects Federation (BNA) Nathalie de Vries. The DGBW will run from 25 to 29 September; the conference will take place on 28 September. In honour of the DGBW, Green Business Club Zuidas will be giving a guided tour of the most beautiful green roo ops in Zuidas on Wednesday 27 September, running from 3 pm to 5 pm. For more information, see: DGBW.nl.


There was one gentleman, aged 93, who had been to the RAI's International Motor
Show no fewer than 31 times in his life. Another had once conducted surveys at the exit. But the conference and event centre wasn't the only topic of discussion: conversations ran the gamut from kids to work to home and more, during the first Vraag-maar-raak ('ask me anything') lunch, which was hosted at the RAI. Attended by ten elderly locals and ten employees of RAI Amsterdam, the lunch was set up by GBC Zuidas in association with Dynamo and the municipality of Amsterdam, as part of an initiative to help seniors feel less isolated. According to a recent study, 80,000 people in Amsterdam alone su er from extreme loneliness (source: GGD, 2017). Would your company like to host the next lunch for your sta and seniors? Send an email to: diederik@greenbusinessclub.nl.


Company restaurants in the Netherlands throw away an estimated € 1 billion's worth of food each year. Accenture and company caterer ISS decided to join forces with Wastewatchers, a start-up specialized in reducing food waste. Boudewijn Hamersma, who is in charge of innovation at Accenture Workplace, explains: 'Wastewatchers o ers a tool that gives you insight in what people are consuming and when, so you can adapt your product range to match. The tool brings together a myriad of data: day of the week, season, the number of sta present. Company restaurants can use these data to plan what they need to prepare at which time. In this way, sta will work more e ectively, because they're supplying to actual demand. That leads to less waste and saves a lot of money.' In cooperation with Wastewatchers, Green Business Club Zuidas is organizing a pilot for its participants to reduce food waste at their company restaurant. The kick o for this pilot will be during the GBC Zuidas Collectionweek for the Amsterdam Food Bank from 9 to 13 October.

Maartje Oome is communications advisor for Green Business Club Zuidas, a district organization in which businesses cooperate in launching sustainable initiatives and achieving sustainability goals. She is also the editor-in-chief of the Zuidas Sustainability Report. As the contributing editor of the sustainability page in Hello Zuidas magazine, she reports on interesting new trends on the sustainability front in Zuidas. Got hot news on green developments in Zuidas? Send an email to Maartje@greenbusinessclub.nl.