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New Zuidas Guide to Announce Streets that are NOT Under Construction

Zuidas is growing - you can tell because of all the 'Detour' signs. We wanted to o er a guide to getting around the detours, but - let's be honest - most of you just bike through them anyway. Instead, we o er a guide of gratitude - to all (well, some) of the streets that are NOT construction zones. Unfortunately, by the time of publication, many of these streets will again be construction zones.

It's hard not to encounter road construction in the Netherlands. Indeed, the Dutch term for 'Road Closed' is 'de straat is open,' literally 'the street is open.' It's like a quote from Dutch football guru Johan Cruy : 'Only when a street is closed to tra ic can it be truly open.'

Of course Zuidas needs construction, and every detour means progress: faster internet cables, better bike lanes, the biggest underground bike parking garage. And each project is apparently planned so that - once a street is finished for two weeks - it's then ripped up again. Yes, we must accommodate tra ic; but we must also accommodate
'The Brick Flippers.' The Brick Flippers are employed by the city to pull the bricks up from one side of the road and replace them on the other side. The code of the Brick Flippers: 'Some bricks have been face down for two
weeks! We must flip them to the other side. We have to be fair to both sides of the brick.'

And how perfect that this year's ArtZuid Sculpture Route gave prominent placement to a construction-themed exhibit. On the Apollolaan - just outside the Amsterdam Hilton - was a sculpture depicting a dump- truck container, completely buried in the gravel it was meant to contain. This is the theme of construction in Zuidas. It may seem like chaos, grown out of control. But actually, it's a work of art.


Gregory Shapiro (b.1968) Comedian. American. Dutchman. And the voice of Trump
in the 'Netherlands Second' video from 'Zondag Met Lubach.' Shapiro came to Amsterdam to work with Boom Chicago comedy theater and never left. Along the way he has hosted 'Comedy Central News.' He has written 2 books on Dutch culture, including How to Be Dutch: the Quiz. As host of 'United States of Europe,' Shapiro o ers a 'Daily Show' for the EU. Making fun of Europe, the American way.